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Watercolour doodle

I painted this quickly last Friday during my lunch break. I want to improve my technique, so I practice as often as I can.

Sketch by David Meldrum 20130308
Watercolour doodle, 20130308 (A4 paper)
David Meldrum doodles Sketch urban sketching watercolor

Sketches from my note book

It is hard to focus on sketching or painting when Christmas presents still have to be bought and wrapped! Here are a few sketches from my note book.

Sketched at the Cultural Centre (Kulturhuset), Stockholm

Sketches while at work, my desk and a crowd drawn from my computer screen.
doodles Lunch Sketch Trotting doodle

A trotting doodle

Friday afternoon at work and I have time to sketch from my computer screen.

Trotting doodle
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Lunch sketch number two

It may not be the best caricature I have ever drawn but I am happy to be sketching with my new mini-water-colouring set, a ‘Field Box’ from Winsor & Newton.

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Mattias Adolfsson: Moleskine sketchbook 19

This is one of my favorite blogs, check out Mattias brilliant sketchbooks here.

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Work doodle #4

I think I was inspired by Zap comix when I doodled this. Ive forgotten the name of the original artist unfortunately.

doodles illustration

Doodles from work

I never have time to draw, even though I’d really like to. I doodle in meetings, so here’s one.

cartoon cartoons David Meldrum doodles illustration

Smokers really annoy me!

I am an ex-smoker which means I’m extra sensitive to the whiff of nicotine. Everyday I wait at the bus terminal at Slussen, in Stockholm for my bus home in the rush hour. Slussen is going to get knocked down, the sooner the better I think, it’s now a pit.
Built in the 1930’s it was and still is an architectural marvel in many ways. The only negatives really are that it’s falling down and the bus terminal which is underneath the maze of twirling roads has zero ventilation from bus fumes and SMOKERS! It’s a filthy place, it’s dark and the noise levels are extreme, knock it down! Wow, am I frustrated or what! 😉

art cartoon cartoons David Meldrum doodles illustration

I bought a new pen today!

Work is slow right now. I bought a pen today, a FABER-CASTELL 1.0mm. This is the first drawing with it. I like these lazy days of summer, next week I go sailing for a week!