Just painting anything to get going again

Cow in field

I have taken what seems to me a long break from painting. It’s involuntary, I suffer from SAD during the winter months and it can really slow me down. This year I escaped the depression but I still got the tiredness, plus the aches and pains. The good news is that brighter days are now on their way. The snow is coming and the days are getting longer. It makes me happy just thinking about it.

So , to get the ball rolling again I painted the first things that popped up in my photo-archive which just so happened to be a tugboat and a cow. I like the cow composition, it called an “O” composition, the eye is lead around the painting like a hamster in an exercise-wheel. We can be happy just letting our eyes go round and round for hours seemingly.

I am sometimes desperate to paint a naked model


Every Thursday I run my own life drawing class here in Stockholm and this means I need to create a drawing or a watercolour to help publicise the event. So yes, some weeks I am quite desperate to paint a model. Deadlines, deadlines – even artists stress sometimes.
My life drawing is streamed live because of the pandemic. If you would like to join please go to this page: https://www.meldrum.se/lifedrawing/

Please click the thumbnail below to see the full-sized image.


My first live Watercolour Demonstration on Zoom

Boat in flaming sea

Yes, it was the premiere for Meldrum Watercolour Demonstrations yesterday evening.
It went well I thought even if the sound wasn’t 100%. I have already solved that little technical problem.
A full video of the live demonstration is available to my supporters on Patreon.
I hope these videos help those of you who want to develop as watercolour artists.

Maybe I should have stopped painting earlier

Unfinished nude

It’s always difficult to know when to stop painting a watercolour. Maybe I should have stopped already after the first wash. It doesn’t matter, it was just a sketch, I was playing with some paper I haven’t used for years, Fabriano Artistico /S, it’s really difficult to paint on. The blending of colours is difficult. It’s not paper I like but I have lots of it so I’ll just have to enjoy it even if it’s not a favourite. Which do you like best, the finished painting or the halfway stage version? Let me know in the comments. Cheers 🙂

unfinished nude
Before and after