Stockholm’s town hall minus the best part.

The best image of Stockholm’s town hall is the reflection of the building on the water. So this painting was doomed to fail before I even started as I hadn’t left room for the water. Still, I used it as an exercise and I’m happy with what I learned. I used masking fluid for the first time, inspired I guess by Lars Lerin. Learning one brush-stroke at a time, that’s what it’s all about!

Stockholm's Town Hall by David Meldrum
Stockholm’s town hall. 31 x 23cm.

Blade Runner – The Aquarelle Edition

This animation consists of 12 597 handmade aquarelle paintings, each painting is approximately 1,5*3cm in size. Together they form Anders Ramsell’s 35 minute long paraphrase on the motion picture Blade Runner (1982) by Ridley Scott.

Extreme Life Drawing

Ten ‘two minute’ life drawing poses in a row, I’d call that extreme, extreme fun.
The coloured sketch with pastels took ten minutes. It was nice to be back at Basis here in Stockholm, we were thirty people and the atmosphere was pleasant as usual.

2 minute nude by David Meldrum
2 minute sketch, A3

2 minute nude by David Meldrum
2 minute sketch, A3

2 minute nude by David Meldrum
2 minute sketch, A3

2 minute nude by David Meldrum
2 minute sketch, A3

2 minute nude by David Meldrum
2 minute sketch, A3

10 minute nude by David Meldrum
10 minute sketch, A3

Lars Lerin Museum in Karlstad, Sweden + more

I think Lars Lerin is one of the more interesting Watercolourists here in Sweden. Here is a playlist containing several films about him. I haven’t visited his museum yet but I will do one of these days.

Bringing Arches watercolour paper down to size

I recently bought Arches watercolour paper. Each time I try to paint on it I get cramp, I find it almost impossible to relax. Why? Because I have such a respect for the beautiful 300g rough cotton paper. I finally worked out the solution to my problem, I simply chop up the paper into smaller pieces and in doing so I make the paper less precious. Now I am not afraid to make mistakes, now I can experiment and learn. You wouldn’t believe what a relief this is to me. I’m just another artist with mental problems!

Watercolour nude by David Meldrum
A4 Nude on Arches 300g rough paper. 

Learning to be patient

To be patient, to spend hours on one drawing or painting; it is certainly something that does not come naturally to me. These two small sketches are exercises in extending my length of focus on one drawing. It is
not so hard really, I was relaxed and I listened to Bach playing serenely in the background, the minutes flew by. It is creating time to achieve this which is the hardest art to master. If my life resembled a tightly packed suitcase, then something would have to be discarded in order for me to make room for my art. The question is what?

Sketch of Gustav Klimt by David Meldrum
Gustav Klimt – Fabriano A5 paper, 14.8x21cm

Sketch of Francis Bacon by David Meldrum
Francis Bacon – Fabriano A5 paper, 14.8x21cm