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Bringing Arches watercolour paper down to size

I recently bought Arches watercolour paper. Each time I try to paint on it I get cramp, I find it almost impossible to relax. Why? Because I have such a respect for the beautiful 300g rough cotton paper. I finally worked out the solution to my problem, I simply chop up the paper into smaller pieces and in doing so I make the paper less precious. Now I am not afraid to make mistakes, now I can experiment and learn. You wouldn’t believe what a relief this is to me. I’m just another artist with mental problems!

Watercolour nude by David Meldrum
A4 Nude on Arches 300g rough paper. 

2 thoughts on “Bringing Arches watercolour paper down to size

  1. Oh my good, I would like to lost respect to my Arches the way you do. Congratulations really good job.

  2. …but I have full respect for your kind support. Thank you!

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