Playing with colours

Sketch by David Meldrum Sitting on my balcony, having fun with some bright colours and my 0.70 Faber-Castell…

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I need a hero!

A Hero calagraphy pen. Photo: Cathy Johnson After reading Cathy Johnson’s article from the Artist’s Journal about illustrating with a Hero Calligraphy pen I was literally hooked.I have been looking for a fountain pen that would encourage me to draw in a loose style. My continual personal fight is to try and forget my graphic training… Continue reading I need a hero!

Lunch Sketch

 Pencil sketch by David Meldrum I have not completed a Lunch Sketch for long time, at least it feels that way; I am trying to improve my line drawing skills. Charles Reid mentioned in one of his watercolour DVDs that drawing was 90% of a successful painting, I agree.

Sketching more and more

Since I started drawing again I’ve been mainly going to life drawing evenings but now I find I’m starting to sketch other subjects, I’m diversifying. Is it time to start a ‘My Sketches’ page I wonder?

Charles Reid Watercolour Secrets

I ordered this Charles Reid Watercolour Secrets DVD direct from Pulsar Productions in Australia less than a week ago! There was no charge for postage either, amazing! It would have been so much more expensive if I’d ordered it on Amazon.  Charles Reid Watercolour Secrets

Urban Sketching…

I have precious little time to sketch which is frustrating, I became ill this mid-summer weekend just when I thought I finally had some free days. Blah. Still, I managed a few sketches before I was forced into bed.

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My second Charles Reid DVD

I received this DVD when I arrived home from holidays the other day, it’s a funny coincidence that a trawler is one of the main subjects Charles Reid has chosen to watercolour. I found the DVD to be very helpful, I learned a lot and I hope my skills improve in the coming months. The… Continue reading My second Charles Reid DVD

Old trawler

I arrived home from a one week holiday last night. I was in Paimpol, a beautiful old fishing harbour on the north-west coast of France. I managed to find time to do some watercolours. The painting below of the old trawler took me about 2 hours to complete, I am very happy with my progress… Continue reading Old trawler

A great collection of Charles Reid work

I found this wonderful web page full of Charles Reid’s portraits and nudes. Click here. Watercolour life drawing by Charles Reid Watercolour by Charles Reid