Saturday’s life drawing 


Tuesday’s life drawing


Saturday’s life drawing 

david meldrum life drawing


My Sketchbook

Watercolour by David Meldrum

I’ve started a new Sketchbook. I find it very useful when I take breaks from the watercolours that I am producing for my upcoming exhibition. To be able to just relax and sketch whatever for an hour is so beneficial when one is under pressure. I now start each artist day with a watercolour sketch… Continue reading My Sketchbook

Life drawing 

life drawing by David Meldrum

My Saturday life drawing is like a military boot-camp, we all feel totally exhausted after two hours of 1, 2 and 3 minute poses. I wasn’t in form this day so not much to show but I learned a lot which is more important than doing a nice sketch I think.  

Urban sketching at Stockholm Central Station

Central Station Stockholm

I forgot to publish this, I met with my Stockholm Urbansketcher friends at the Central Station on the 26th of February. We had great fun sketching,  enjoying a chat and a coffee.  

Tuesday’s life drawing 

life drawing by david meldrum

I haven’t gone to life drawing on a Tuesday evening for quite a while. I had such a bad watercolour day at home in my studio that I felt I had to go out and cheer myself up. It worked, it felt good to sketch and forget the day that was.

Wide format does not impress

Folkbåt regatta nr.3

This painting is pretty cool I think. In real life it has impact but when it is published on the web it looses its power due to the wide format. It become small and hard so see detail, a 4 by 3 format suits Facebook and Google + so much better. Anyway, I like this watercolour,… Continue reading Wide format does not impress

Monday’s life drawing 

meldrum life drawing