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Urban sketching at Stockholm Central Station

Watercolour of Central Station Stockholm

I forgot to publish this, I met with my Stockholm Urbansketcher friends at the Central Station on the 26th of February. We had great fun sketching,  enjoying a chat and a coffee.


4 thoughts on “Urban sketching at Stockholm Central Station

  1. A very good sketch of a quite difficult subject, and when you are in good company nothing is a hard job. I like it a lot as all works you do.

    1. Meeting the Stockholm UrbanSketchers is a lot of fun. Do you have a UrbanSketcher group near you?

      1. No , no urban sketchers near here. Salamanca, my home town is quite boring, artistically talking.

        1. You could start an Urbansketchers group in Salamanca! I started an unofficial urban sketching group together with another person and it was called, Sketching in Stockholm. We then created a Facebook group of the same name. A few years later we were accepted into Urbansketchers, today we have over 150 members. 🙂

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