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Old horizons

I’ve painted this before, the first version was smaller and had some sailing boats for a centre of interest. I left out the boats this time, I’m happy I dared to let the composition work without eye-magnets such as people or boats. Saying that, I think the end result is a too flat and therefore lifeless, I will not go down this path again, consciously at least.
Storm and sun. Arches rough 39 x 29 cm.

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Paul Klein on becoming a successful artist

I thought Paul here had good advice to offer on becoming a successful artist. I’m just starting out, having just become a half-time employee and therefore halving my income. I need a certain level of success if I want to afford visiting my son in Tokyo etc. This is why I found this video interesting, he has the experience that I have to gain, the quicker I learn the better.
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The lone commuter in the silent station that is called, Södra Station, Stockholm , Sweden.
2b, 6b and 9b pencil sketch on 14 x 9 cm

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Drawing the Eye by David Jon Kassan

I’ve admired David’s portrait skills for a number of years now. I watched this video when I was having breakfast this morning. It wasn’t the first time I watched it, some films can be watched over and over again.

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Urbansketching at the Rodin exhibition

Rodin’s work was is on display at the National Museum here in Stockholm. It was really inspiring.

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My current urbansketching kit

This is what I used today while sketching at the National Museum here in Stockholm.
14 x 9 cm,  one clamp,  Koh – i – noor putty rubber,  Creatacolor 9b, 3mm 6b mechanical pencil and 0.9mm 2b mechanical pencil. I also had an Arm -Adillo pen holder.

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Tuesday’s life drawing

Venue: Konstnärshuset, Stocholm 20151020

I’m feeling tired tonight, just thought I’d publish these and then go to bed.
I’m drawing with an extended pencil at the moment, it means I don’t have full control which helps me not to be so focused on just one point. I’m looking from a distance and my figure drawing is improving I think.

A4 five minute pose

A4 five minute pose

A4 five minute pose

A4 five minute pose

A4 four minute pose

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Saturday’s life drawing

Venue : Basis, Stockholm 20151017

A4 two minute nude

A3 ten minute nude

A4 two minute nude
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Jim McVicker: A Way of Seeing

I found this film about Jim McVicker to be very inspiring, mainly because I feel that I am on the same path. I’m just starting out, at least that is the way it feels.