Meldrum Kroki


Room needed

Tools of a master

Da Vinci brushes + Holbein

I ordered three Da Vinci: Cosmotop-Mix B brushes similar to the ones Chien Chung-Wei uses. I also bought some Jaune Billiant 1 and Verditer by Holbien. These are also used a lot by Chien. Okay, so I have the tools and I have been training real hard so it’s frustrating that I am a million… Continue reading Tools of a master

Meldrum Kroki evening

meldrum kroki


Portrait practice

Meldrum portrait practice


Nude study

Meldrum - watercolour nude study - original reference by Eugenia Kirikova


This year’s s first life drawing

David Meldrum Kroki - Life drawing


Sandhamn – sketch #3

Dog approaching Sandhamn beach

This was a fun sketch to do. I didn’t take me long and I am happy with the result. I will definitely paint a finished version of it in the future. I am obsessed with capturing the light, I think there is nothing more beautiful than the rays of sunshine. Click thumbnail for larger image

Sandhamn – sketch #2

Sandhamn radar reflector beacon

This is a radar reflector beacon on the island of Sandhamn in the Stockholm archipelago. Not easy to guess what it is I know. It was such a strange object to approach on the lonely windswept beach, a little spooky – cold metal with sharp, angular form. The sketch is about A5 in size and… Continue reading Sandhamn – sketch #2