Meldrum life drawing is moving!

Meldrum Kroki moves to Dieselverkstad in September.

Meldrum Kroki

Meldrum Kroki (Life Drawing) is going well, I started in October last year and I now have a regular group of Sketchers that come each week. If you are interested in joining the Facebook group to get invited to the next life drawing session please click here. It takes a while to build up a… Continue reading Meldrum Kroki

A good night

david meldrum life drawing

Konstnärshuset 2018.02.27

Busy busy busy

Life drawing - Meldrum Art


Life drawing at Mäster Olafsgården

meldrum kroki


Interesting people

Meldrum kroki

Meldrum Kroki 2018.02.15

Monday at Master Olafsgården

Meldrum life drawing


Sunday fun

Watercolour nude

Konstnärshuset 2018.01.04

Meldrum Kroki


Room needed