akvarell watercolor Watercolour

Spring is on the way, it makes me feel good.

I was out for a walk last week when I saw an abandoned Volvo by the side of the road. I took some photos for reference and painted this watercolour yesterday. I am very happy with it because I am trying to create interesting compositions from everyday, mundane life. I want to avoid the cliches that litter watercolour groups all over the net. My main source of inspiration at the moment is Lars Lerin, he is so good at capturing everyday moments with a wee touch of Swedish melancholy.

I can feel new energy slowly seeping into me now after the long winter months, I am becoming productive, it feels good to be painting landscapes again.

Title: Spring is on it’s way. 36 x 26 cm
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figure drawing My Life Drawing

Meldrum life drawing is moving!

I started Meldrum Kroki last October and it has been a great success, I have learned so much and it has been so much fun running life drawing sessions from my living room. A big thank you to all who came, the models included – everybody has contributed to making this a success.
Friday the 7th of September Meldrum Kroki starts again after the summer break at 18.30 at Dieselverkstad in Sickla, Stockholm.
You are all welcome! 😀



figure drawing My Life Drawing Nudes

Interesting people

I think most people I meet are interesting but some stand out a bit more than others. Sofie, last weeks model at Meldrum Kroki is a good example of this. She is an excellent life drawing model and has very feminine poses in her repertoire so I was surprised that she fixes roofs around town during the day. There isn’t an English word for what she does (Plåtslagare), most of the roofs in Stockholm have metal or copper roofs so you could say she is a metalworker.

Sketched on Canson Recylé A4 paper with 2B and 9B grafite.


figure drawing My Life Drawing Nudes Sketch

The last Life drawing session at home for this year.

I had 9 life drawing sessions in my living room since October, it feels quite normal these days and I think it has been a fantastic success. The models have enjoyed the atmosphere.  My life drawing friends are happy too, they had no problem taking the short bus ride to the Finnberget. The music was enjoyed and the coffee was just right, the lighting was a big plus – everyone appreciated that.

I have been so busy mentally with my work these last few weeks, it hasn’t been fun – breaking up is never easy. Next year there will be big changes and so I will have lots of time for art which makes me so incredibly happy. More about that later in the month.

Meldrum Kroki  starts again on the 11th of January 2018 🙂


figure drawing My Life Drawing Sketch

Some sketches from my life drawing evenings

Here are some sketches I did at Meldrum Kroki last week and the other day. As I am running the life drawing evening it is not possible for me to sketch during the whole session. I really enjoy it anyway and I am happy just to do a few drawings.