David Meldrum – artist (b. 1963)

David Meldrum and Chien Chung-Wei
David Meldrum and Chien Chung-Wei

After a long international career in advertising and web design I recently rediscovered my artistic roots. I left art college in 1981 and it took 30 years for me to find my way back to something I didn’t really appreciate when I was young. I grew up like most people, drilled from an early age to study and get a career, buy a house, get a car, create a family and acquire a dog. Art at 18 seemed like a bad choice, no money and fame only after you were dead and gone, it didn’t hold much appeal.

So it took a while, but I am so glad that I picked up a pencil and started life drawing classes 6 years ago. A year later in 2012 I started painting with watercolour for the first time, this was a turning point, suddenly I knew what I wanted to achieve in life and it is still true today – I want to know how much I can improve and how far develop as an artist. The journey so far has been incredible. It has taken a while for me to mature maybe but now I am so ready to learn, discover and create beautiful art.

I have been working as a full-time artist since the start of this year. It’s kinda scary but at the same time really exhilarating. Life has a purpose now, that’s for sure. I was born in Ireland, have lived in London and for the last 27 years I have been a resident of Sweden. I have two Swedish sons and a French wife from Brittany. No dog.

Art Education:
1981: National college of Art – Dublin
1985: Design and Art Direction course – London
2016: EPC Art Course with watercolour master, Chien Chung-Wei – Girona
2012 – 2017: Self-learning with the aid of DVDs, the internet and books.

Exhibitions 2018
Group exhibition
Gallery Movitz, Stockholm together with Tina Thagesson and Daniel Luther
Exhibitions 2017
Solo exhibitions
Fylgia solicitors summer exhibition, Stockholm, Sweden.
Group exhibitions
ArtQuest Gallery, Paimpol, France.
ECWS (European Confederation of Watercolour Societies) Salamanca, Spain.
Nordic Art Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden.

Exhibitions 2016Solo exhibitions
Galleri T, Stockholm, Sweden.
Art Hall (Konsthallen) Gallery, Stockholm Sweden.
Group exhibitions
Edsvik Art Hall – Watercolour exhibition (Jury), Edsvik, Sweden.
Väsby Art Hall – Watercolour exhibition (Jury), Upplands Väsby, Sweden.
ATG Art Society – Autumn exhibition, Solvalla, Sweden.

Exhibitions 2015Group exhibitions
Väsby Art Hall – Watercolour exhibition (Jury), Upplands Väsby, Sweden.
ATG Art Society – Autumn exhibition, Solvalla, Sweden.

My Artist Statement:
I practice everyday and maybe after 10 000 hours I will have mastered watercolour.
If not, I will have enjoyed every minute of the journey anyway.