A real source of inspiration


I’ve mentioned this before but I’ll say it again, one of the most important moments in my watercolour development was when I participated in a course in 2016 featuring Chien Chung-Wei. The course, the only one I’ve ever been on was run by the fantastic Angela Barbi of Epc watercolour courses in Girona. Chien Chung-Wei… Continue reading A real source of inspiration

Just doing it

Boat season

It’s Monday today and like everybody else right now I spend most of my time indoors trying to avoid the Corona virus. This morning was the start of a new week but it was hard to know because I was still in my comfort clothes, you know, sweatpants and an old t-shirt type of thing.… Continue reading Just doing it

Summer in Åland

Summer in Åland

We sailed to Finland and Åland last year. Such wonderful memories exploring the small islands and being blissfully alone for days on end. This watercolour titled, Summer in Åland is 36 x 26 cm. Click the thumbnail below to see the full-sized image.

Plein air in a cold climate

Finnboda hamn

I took myself out during the week to paint plein air. The sun was shining and it might even have been 10 degrees but I’m not sure. I brought extra leggings which I put on quite quickly as it was very cool in the shade of the building next to the water’s edge.It was interesting… Continue reading Plein air in a cold climate

A summary of my trip to India Feb 25 – March 21 2020 (Part one of two posts)

Heated conversation in Jaipur

Life for all of us is dominated by the Corona virus at the moment. My time in India was cut short by one week because of it. We were actually extremely close to being stuck in New Delhi for weeks or even months as countries closed their borders one by one at an alarming speed.… Continue reading A summary of my trip to India Feb 25 – March 21 2020 (Part one of two posts)

I am looking forward to summer

Rödhamn, Åland

One presumes that the the pandemic will end and we will be allowed to enjoy the summer when it comes. That is my hope at any rate. I haven’t painted plein air since India, waiting for the temperature to rise which it has now so I have no excuse. Out into nature you go David… Continue reading I am looking forward to summer