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Plein air in a cold climate

Plein air in Finnboda
Plein air in Finnboda

I took myself out during the week to paint plein air. The sun was shining and it might even have been 10 degrees but I’m not sure. I brought extra leggings which I put on quite quickly as it was very cool in the shade of the building next to the water’s edge.
It was interesting how the paper and watercolour pigment behaved in the cool conditions, it was very different from my time in India or even the studio. I found that the pigment was not absorbed by the paper as easily. It wasn’t a big deal, I adjusted quickly and enjoyed my two hours by the water.
Sweden being Sweden most people left me alone which is good considering we are in the middle of a pandemic. A few were curious but they kept two metres away.
I am so looking forward to painting plein air more often now as the temperature is rising and the sun is higher in the sky. The days are much longer too.
I have bought a van that I am going to convert into a studio plus camper. I will publish a post about this exciting project during the coming week.

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Finnboda hamn
Finnboda hamn
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