Annual holiday in Brittany begins


I just love visiting Brittany. The place is just so scenic and my wife’s Mum is really nice too.
We visit every year and I tend to spend a lot of time by myself just wandering the beaches and visiting the town of Paimpol while my mother-in-law and my wife spend priceless time together. I sketch and paint of course, it really is heaven.
This watercolour was from my first day, I look forward to many more watercolours in the coming week.

First watercolour in Paimpol 2019
First watercolour in Paimpol 2019

Featured in the latest video

A working boat in front of Riddarholmen

I thought I’d just publish this as it’s featured in the latest watercolour demonstration video. It’s a painting of Riddarholmen in Stockholm. Click the link if you would like to see it:
It was a real challenge this one. Showers of rain kept interrupting but I am happy with the end result and the decisions I made during the process of painting it.

I have gently launched a webshop which I am building when I have time. I have placed this watercolour and a few other in the store. My goal is to sell my art directly to the people who enjoy my work and not through galleries that take 50%. It’s work in progress so let me know if something is not working or if the design is weird etc.


Working boat in front of Riddarholmen
A working boat in front of Riddarholmen
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Painting Riddarholmen – Watercolour Demonstration Ep.12

Painting Riddarholmen – Watercolour Demonstration Ep.12

I cycled into Stockholm and painted a view of Riddarholmen for this demonstration. The day turned out to be quite a challenge because of rain showers that frustrating me. In the end I returned home, I finished the watercolour the next day and was very happy with the result. A nice little painting that can be seen from start to finish on YouTube.

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Last sketch from Åland

Fisherman in Fiskö

This was the last sketch from our month-long sailing trip to Finland and Åland. I finished the painting yesterday but I actually painted most of it at Fiskö, on the 25th of July. I really miss being out sailing, it’s not as much fun sitting here in my Studio.

I actually am going to make a break for it tomorrow morning! I am going to camp on an island that I have been wanting to sketch for years. I’ll tell you more about that in a later post.

Click this image to view full size.
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Watercolour Demonstration Ep.11

From the Finnish archipelago, Ep.11

Here is my latest demonstration video on YouTube. I spent a whole month sailing around the Finnish and Åland archipelagos with my wife and two close friends. I spent lots of time sketching and taking reference photos for future use. While on the island of Ekskär in the Finnish archipelago I managed to do a demonstration painting which is featured here. The day was incredibly warm and the windbreaker I had behind me made it super hot because it stopped any breeze reaching me at all. It did protect me from the harmful sun rays though.
The painting was a real challenge in the end, I could not get into a comfortable position, I was sitting which I now realise isn’t ideal for doing demonstration paintings. Ah well, lesson learned – next time I will stand which will make filming so much easier.
I hope you enjoy the video, I am happy with it even if I seem to be moaning at bit. Ignore me and watch it, let me know what you think.