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On show in Estonia

November light. Grönalund in winter

I am very happy to have this watercolour showing at the ECWS exhibition in Haapsalu, Estonia. Thank you Nordic Watercolour Society ( Nordiska Akvarellsällskapet ) for asking me to participate. 🙂 The exhibition is until the end of August 2019.

November light. Grönalund in winter
November light. Grönalund in winter

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Edsvik National Watercolour Exhibition

I attended the opening of Edsvik’s National Watercolour Exhibition last night. It was fun having one of my paintings on display. The exhibition runs until the 18th of April.

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What is a successful exhibition?

Meldrum at Movitz with Tina and Daniel

The weekend is over but there are still 3 days left to see our exhibition. There have been so many visitors to the gallery, at least 600 on the opening day and a few hundred yesterday. I have sold a lot of paintings for a record amount which makes me very happy. I of course have to pay for the rent of the gallery, the drinks, the snacks – not to mention the framing costs of course. So I cover my costs and make a small profit and that makes me happy.
I think the real success is that I have had time to get to know Tina Thagesson and Daniel Luther, the two other artists in the exhibition. I have sold art to people who have bought my art before which is great but also people who don’t know me personally. The latter is a big step in my development as an artist because it is a lot harder to sell to strangers, my paintings are becoming more professional maybe! So, I am happy, it’s a lot of work but it has been worth it.


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My joint exhibition with Tina and Daniel starts today.


Yes, today is show time at Gallery Movitz here in Stockholm. Tina Thagesson, daniel Luther and I are having a joint exhibition. It’s really exciting and I am very happy to be in the company of such great artists. They have a lot of experience so I’m learning a lot from them. If you live in Stockholm please do drop by to Gallery Movitz, Hornsgatan 40.  We open at 11.00 on the 17th of March. St. Patrick’s Day! You are very welcome.


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My exhibition – a small success

My exhibition at Konsthallen

I am happy with my exhibition so far. The opening day is when one sells the most, like my first exhibition in April it was mostly friends who bought and I am so happy they did. Next year the challenge will be to sell to strangers outside of my circle, I have a summer show that will be a true test as I am not the organiser of the event. I’ve started painting for that exhibition already as I have lots of free time right now at my current exhibition.


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Opening day at Edsvik

I had a wonderful day at Edsvik’s watercolour exhibition where I have two paintings on view. I met a lot of new watercolourists plus a few heroes which was nice. The exhibition continues until the 28th August.

David Meldrum standing in front of his painting called “If”
Standing in front of my painting called “If”

David Meldrum standing in front of his painting called *Japanese vases*.
This one is called “Japanese vases”

David Meldrum telling the crowd where his paintings are hanging.
Introducing myself and telling the crowd where my paintings are hanging.

A woman admires David Meldrum's watercolour
At least one person admired my work!

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First solo exhibition

All my art is now framed for the opening at Galleri T this Saturday. Over 40 watercolours plus 20 figure drawings to see. Galleri T is on Österlånggatan 3, Stockholm, Sweden.

40 watercolours plus 20 figure drawings are framed and ready.
Over 40 watercolours plus 20 figure drawings are framed and ready.

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My first exhibition

I was delighted to have one of my paintings accepted  for the annual watercolour exhibition at Väsby Konsthall, an art gallery that’s a short distance from Stockholm. This is my first time so it was a trill to be at the opening yesterday. One painting may be a modest start but for me it is a very important step in my development as an artist.

Yours truly …
Väsby Konsthall
Väsby Konsthall