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A painting isn’t finished until the brush is put away

You can only laugh. I was just putting the last touch to the painting when I lost control of my brush. It jumped up in the air, spinning like a circus knife in front of my eyes. It hit the page, sable first. Splat!

I had just loaded the brush with Vandyke Brown moments before. The glimmering sea had lost its shine. Now there was a dark brown whale in my watercolour.

Later, I painted over the crime scene with opaque white. The sea sparkled again. It would never be perfect, but it’s finished.

The Coast Road, Malahide, Ireland 33 x 23 cm

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Water Colour Society of Ireland exhibition begins, it’s a big moment for me

The Water Colour Society of Ireland’s 166th exhibition begins and I am very proud to be included for the first time. It’s such a pity I cannot be there for the opening but I am just delighted to have been accepted into the fine room of Irish watercolour art.If you are in Dublin the exhibition opens on the 25th of September and runs until the 10th of October. Farmleigh Gallery, Farmleigh House, Phoenix Park, 10am – 5pm daily.