Lunch time portrait

I seem to want to draw and paint artists that I admire. This week’s offering is Alberto Giacometti. I should have made his nose a little longer and a little bigger but otherwise I am happy with the result. Normally I tend to draw very quickly so this was an exercise in patience for my… Continue reading Lunch time portrait

Tuesday’s life drawing

Location: Konstnärshuset, Stockholm, 20140225 This weeks model enjoyed testing our abilities to the limits. He formed all sorts of strange angles and shapes with his body. I enjoyed it immensely, although I did feel quite tired after the two hour session was over. Five minute pose Five minute pose Five minute pose Two minute pose … Continue reading Tuesday’s life drawing

Suddenly there was magic

Location: Konstnärshuset, Stockholm, 20140218 Well, normally I am very self-critical but this time I have to admit that I’m totally happy with my life drawings. Instead of shading with a 6B lead, I used pastels. A friend uses charcoal and I was envious of the amount of shading he was able to achieve for each… Continue reading Suddenly there was magic

Lars the Body Builder

Location: Basis, Stockholm, 20140215 I’ve drawn Lars many times. He is fun, he has a name for each of his poses, like the ones below: “The Base Ball Player”, “The Prisoner”, “Björn Borg” and “The Egg”. I cannot remember the title of the first pose unfortunately. Ten minutes Ten minutes Two minutes Two minutes Ten… Continue reading Lars the Body Builder

Tuesday’s Life Drawing

Location: Konstnärshuset, Stockholm, 20140211 Today I improved some of the sketches I did at yesterday evening’s life drawing session, the first drawing especially, it was originally just a two minute sketch with little detail. I enjoyed finishing it and adding some design into the mix. Two minutes plus ten Ten  minutes Two minutes Five minutes +… Continue reading Tuesday’s Life Drawing

Dear Charles,

“Dear Charles Reid, sorry for painting you in such a way that you look like you just survived a bar fight.” Yes, too much red but I still enjoyed this lunch time watercolour. I used Arches 300g NOT paper, 18 x 26 cm. Charles Reid – Watercolour Artist and Teacher

Karl Mårtens – A Quest For The Unexpected

I bought this wonderful book by Karl Mårtens at, Konst & Folk Gallery. I really like karl’s approach to watercolouring, a mixture of Zen Buddhism, Scandinavian simplicity, Japanese calligraphy and natural artistic talent. I had a look around on the internet and have not found it so you’ll need to visit the gallery if you… Continue reading Karl Mårtens – A Quest For The Unexpected

The less time the better

Honestly, the more time I spend on a drawing the more I wreck it with uncertainty. Keeping it pure isn’t easy after two minutes. This is why I haven’t shown any of my drawings that were longer that two minutes this time around. Two minutes Two minutes Two minutes Two minutes Two minutes – plus… Continue reading The less time the better

How to pass time on the train

Batman I found this while wasting time surfing, it made me smile. Click here to view the Tumblr page full of these wonderful images.