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I am trying to paint at least one nude a day.


Yes, I am trying to paint a nude a day. My plan is to wake up, have breakfast and then paint a nude. I never have to think about what I will do, I just have to start painting a nude. Simple. I wonder how long I will be able to keep it going?

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Two nudes
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Watercolours from my trip to the Costa Brava, Spain.

I had an amazing week staying mainly in the town of Calella but I also visited, Pals, Cadaqués and Girona.
Here are my watercolours from the trip. The great thing about painting outdoors for a week it that you gain such a connection with the landscape you are in. A photograph is only ever an image.

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Weekend watercolour sketches of Stockholm

Sketches of Stockholm

I am continuing to experiment with light and shade. It is also interesting to try and find exciting compositions from the streets of my home town. In everyday life we stress and don’t study our environment, we should from time to time I think. There is a lot of beauty out there is we take the time to slow down a little and look around.
These watercolours are from my Saunders Waterford Sketchbook which is 28 x 38 cm

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A Sketch is so important

Sketches of Stockholm by David Meldrum

I am talking to myself when I say, “Sketches are so important”.
It is so easy to just be lazy and start painting directly with a photo that is in front of you. We rarely succeed when shortcuts are taken, a photo needs to be interpreted, analysed and broken down. It needs to be simplified and elements moved or removed. So this is why doing a quick sketch beforehand is so important, we discover what should be done to achieve a good watercolour.
In the perfect world I would prefer to sketch outdoors but that not possible here for a large part of the year, it’s minus degrees and windy here in Stockholm today.
Next week I travel to Costa Brava in Spain for a week of sketching. More about that in an upcoming post.

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Painting watercolours at the Maritime Museum again.

Winter Sea 1980 - Meldrum Art

I am totally enjoying going to the Maritime Museum (Sjöhistoriska) here in Stockholm. I was there two weeks ago but I just had to come back. So yesterday I spent the whole day there together with a fellow sketching friend.
These watercolours are sketched on Saunders Waterford paper. It’s so good to just paint all day, I learn so much by playing around and experimenting. I think it is so important to test new techniques and try things that are a little scary. No one likes to fail but one should accept that one learns through mistakes. I make lots of mistakes!

Silva 1939 - Meldrum Art
Silva 1939 – Meldrum Art
Galeas Baltic ketch 1786 - Meldrum Art
Galeas Baltic ketch 1786 – Meldrum Art
Winter Sea 1980 - Meldrum Art
Winter Sea 1980 – Meldrum Art
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Watercolour sketches from the archipelago

All sketches on Saunders Waterford fine grain sketchbook 300g 28 x 19 cm

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Tueday’s life drawing

The venue was Konstnärshuset 20160315
I bought a new camera yesterday so I hope to take better photos of my work in future. I’ve had dirt on the sensor of my old camera for ages, very annoying. If you look to the top right of the first two images you will see what I mean.
Happy Easter!

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Wednesday’s life drawing

Venue: Mäster Olofsgården, Old town, Stockholm 20151111

I’m a few days late with publishing these sketches. I’ve been unwell but feeling better now. This life drawing session was difficult. The model was very uninspiring, she had no energy in her poses what so ever. I knew I had to get professional about it and try and find something positive. In the end I did find a way to do better sketches of her – I lied, I exaggerated the poses and added curves that didn’t exist. It’s cheating in some ways but I know the great artists do it all the time.

Ten minute pose

Two minute pose

Ten minute pose
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My current urbansketching kit

This is what I used today while sketching at the National Museum here in Stockholm.
14 x 9 cm,  one clamp,  Koh – i – noor putty rubber,  Creatacolor 9b, 3mm 6b mechanical pencil and 0.9mm 2b mechanical pencil. I also had an Arm -Adillo pen holder.