A small video of my little pencil sketchbook

I just finish my little sketchbook. I like the size and the texture of the paper, it’s called, Hand Book Journal.Co and it’s distributed by Speedball Art Products, Statesville, NC. It’s made in India. Here is a link to their website: https://www.speedballart.com/our-prod… If you like my channel and would like to support the making of… Continue reading A small video of my little pencil sketchbook

I am trying to paint at least one nude a day.

Two nudes

Yes, I am trying to paint a nude a day. My plan is to wake up, have breakfast and then paint a nude. I never have to think about what I will do, I just have to start painting a nude. Simple. I wonder how long I will be able to keep it going? Click… Continue reading I am trying to paint at least one nude a day.

Watercolours from my trip to the Costa Brava, Spain.

2019.04.17 – 24

Weekend watercolour sketches of Stockholm

Sketches of Stockholm


A Sketch is so important

Sketches of Stockholm

28 x 38 cm Saunders Waterford sketchbook 300g

Painting watercolours at the Maritime Museum again.

Winter Sea 1980 - Meldrum Art

Sjöhistoriska 2019.02.06

Watercolour sketches from the archipelago

All sketches on Saunders Waterford fine grain sketchbook 300g 28 x 19 cm

Tueday’s life drawing

The venue was Konstnärshuset 20160315I bought a new camera yesterday so I hope to take better photos of my work in future. I’ve had dirt on the sensor of my old camera for ages, very annoying. If you look to the top right of the first two images you will see what I mean.Happy Easter!

Wednesday’s life drawing

Venue: Mäster Olofsgården, Old town, Stockholm 20151111 I’m a few days late with publishing these sketches. I’ve been unwell but feeling better now. This life drawing session was difficult. The model was very uninspiring, she had no energy in her poses what so ever. I knew I had to get professional about it and try… Continue reading Wednesday’s life drawing