Vivian Maier – Street Photographer

I find Vivian Maier’s work to be truly fascinating. Her life story is so surreal. And to think her photographs were found in boxes at a jumble sale, forgotten, discarded; the public only seeing her work after her death. Visit her website to see the work of a great street photographer. I can’t always sketch from real-life so I use her work to practice on.

On the way to work…

The biggest problem I have and I guess everybody else is in the same boat, is finding time in ones busy life for hobby activities. I have found that my lunch break is a good time to do a little sketch. Yesterday I tried sketching in the morning, I just took an earlier bus to work and this gave me 15 minutes to have some quality time before arriving at my office desk. Holidays is also a good time to sketch, I need more holidays! 🙂

Medborgplaten by David Meldrum
Medborgplatsen, 08.30
Arholma by David Meldrum
Arholma, Stockholm archipelago

Three panoramic sketches from my sailing adventures.

Sketch of Karlby by David Meldrum
Sketched in the sleepy harbour of Karlby, on the island of Kökar in the Åland archipelago.
Sketch of Arholma by David Meldrum
The view from my boat on the island of Arholma which is situated in the northern Stockholm archipelago. 
Sketch of Arholma by David Meldrum
Boat house containing a very old livestock transport boat. Cows are moved out to the islands in the archipelago during the the summer months. This was sketched on the island of Arholma in the northern Stockholm archipelago. 

Sailing holiday

I came home yesterday after a three week holiday sailing around the Åland and Stockholm archipelagos. It was a wonderful adventure and I saw some amazing things. I have a number of panoramic sketches from the trip to publish, unfortunately I only managed to scan this little quickie sketch before my scanner suddenly, totally refused to work. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
More sketches coming soon. Anyone got any recommendations for a small, inexpensive scanner?