Painting with Google Translate

Plien air painting with Daniel Luther and Pavel Pugachev earlier last week. We painted the view towards the parliament buildings here in Stockholm. It was fun meeting Pavel, he couldn’t speak much English and no Swedish, and my Russian sucks so we communicated through Google Translate. It worked most of the time!


I visited the quaint harbour town of Donaghadee during my stay in Northern Ireland. I went there twice in fact as I feel at ease there for some reason. It’s probably the open horizon that attracts me, I can feel a bit claustrophobic otherwise in Bangor where my mother lives, I spent 10 days with her while my sister who lives close by had a well deserved holiday.

Watercolour painted from the passenger seat of my mother’s car in a Saunders 38 x 28 sketchbook.

A visit to the museum

A visit to the Natural History Museum in Stockholm, Sweden. 20150319

I was with the Stockholm Urban Sketchers last Sunday, we spent half a day having fun sketching all the stuffed animals. It’s kind of morbid but at least they don’t move when you’re trying to draw them. I really enjoyed it, I’ll be going back there again soon.

Moleskin watercolour sketchbook 21 x 19cm

Moleskin watercolour sketchbook 21 x 19cm

Fabriano A5 sketchbook

Urban Sketching in zero degrees.

We were a group of seven or eight Urban Sketchers on top of Katarina Elevator last Sunday. It was zero degrees, my water did not freeze but it didn’t dry very well either. After half an hour it got too cool for us and we retreated to a nearby café where we could warm up again. It was only then that my watercolour sketch dried.

Katarina Elevator view, Slussen, Stockholm. A4 watercolour Moleskin, 200g paper.

Stockholm Urban Sketchers

I met up today with the Stockholm Urban Sketchers. As usual we had lot of fun. This watercolour sketch was painted at the Central Station, my favourite warm place to sketch during the Swedish winters.

Sketching at Central Station