A small video of my little pencil sketchbook

I just finish my little sketchbook. I like the size and the texture of the paper, it’s called, Hand Book Journal.Co and it’s distributed by Speedball Art Products, Statesville, NC. It’s made in India. Here is a link to their website: https://www.speedballart.com/our-prod… If you like my channel and would like to support the making of… Continue reading A small video of my little pencil sketchbook

Sketching my emotions Nr.6

Emotion Nr.6

I think this watercolour sketch represents my feelings pretty good. It’s March and summer is coming.

My first plein air for this year in 6 degrees


I managed my first plein air for this year. I visited Björnö Nature Reserve, which is east of Stockholm on Ingarö. The temperature almost reached 6 degrees! I had to use a gas burner to dry the painting, and yes, there is a burn mark. It’s becoming my signature. But seriously, it was so nice… Continue reading My first plein air for this year in 6 degrees

Sketching my emotions Nr.5

Emotion Nr.5

I could do a better job sketching this series but to be honest I like the freshness of a first attempt. It’s really interesting capturing emotions with watercolour.

Sketching my emotions N.4

watercolour of happier than before

I am trying to be a bit more positive this week 🙂

Sketching my emotions. Don’t I have any happy ones?

Emotion nr.3

This is the 3rd emotion I have painted in this little series that has the potential to keep going for a while. Next week I will have to start painting my happier feelings – this little project could become very depressing otherwise.

A small sketch of an emotion

bad day

Yeap, we all have good and bad days. Thankfully I have more ups than downs.

A small sketch of the neighbourhood. It’s rough.


Crazy to think it was so cold just a short time ago. Most of the snow has melted now. I long to get out and start sketching for real. Soon, very soon. Svindersviken 18 x 13 cm

I try to communicate what I see and feel


It’s been grey here in Stockholm for I don’t know how long. Boring, yes it is – but there is beauty out there in the greyness. I try to walk most days. I took some photos of the waterline at Björnö, not far from Stockholm. The reeds are all dead but beautiful anyway. This was… Continue reading I try to communicate what I see and feel