akvarell watercolor Watercolour

Summer houses by the shore

We sail a lot during the summer. The closer you are to Stockholm the more houses there are. For us it’s a warning, it means we need to keep sailing east for a few hours until we are in the outer archipelago.

akvarell watercolor Watercolour

From a reference photo

I am delighted that I am actually painting in the studio during the winter months. My mental-health suffers badly at this time, especially these last few years. The situation has improved though. It’s not perfect, but I am able to function again thanks to professional help. It’s fantastic to be regularly painting again

I painted this watercolour from a photo I’d taken during the summer. It’s a bit of a cheat, the couple were never there. I think that’s called creative licence. I really do prefer to paint outdoors, to be in nature. It’s -8 celsius outside here in Stockholm, and it’s snowing. The studio feels pretty good right now.

36 x 26 cm
Click the image below if you would like to see the full sized watercolour.

Plein air Sketch watercolor Watercolour

My first plein air for this year in 6 degrees

I managed my first plein air for this year. I visited Björnö Nature Reserve, which is east of Stockholm on Ingarö. The temperature almost reached 6 degrees! I had to use a gas burner to dry the painting, and yes, there is a burn mark. It’s becoming my signature. But seriously, it was so nice to get out and sketch. I had to trek for an hour to reach the spot I painted from but it was worth it.

Video watercolor Watercolour Watercolouring

Watercolour Demonstration Ep.11

From the Finnish archipelago, Ep.11

Here is my latest demonstration video on YouTube. I spent a whole month sailing around the Finnish and Åland archipelagos with my wife and two close friends. I spent lots of time sketching and taking reference photos for future use. While on the island of Ekskär in the Finnish archipelago I managed to do a demonstration painting which is featured here. The day was incredibly warm and the windbreaker I had behind me made it super hot because it stopped any breeze reaching me at all. It did protect me from the harmful sun rays though.
The painting was a real challenge in the end, I could not get into a comfortable position, I was sitting which I now realise isn’t ideal for doing demonstration paintings. Ah well, lesson learned – next time I will stand which will make filming so much easier.
I hope you enjoy the video, I am happy with it even if I seem to be moaning at bit. Ignore me and watch it, let me know what you think.