Christmas painting

We celebrated Christmas late into the night here in Brittany. It was real nice to go for a walk by the shoreline and sketch for a while. It was really windy but it was mild and never rained. The view from Ploubazlenac. Arches Rough 300g 31 x 23 cm. 20151225 Ploubazlenac

Anders Zorn

I would like to paint portraits, at least I think I should. I think I could be quite good at them too but I am not sure because I haven’t done so many. The trick is to start. So this portrait of Swedish artist, Anders Zorn is just that, a start. At least it is… Continue reading Anders Zorn

Sketches from my trip to France

I’m spending Christmas in Brittany, France this year. It’s milder than Sweden but it’s very windy. I like the change and also being able to paint outdoors. Ploubazlanec, Brittany, France 20151220 Saint Brieuc, Brittany, France 20151219

Tuesday’s life drawing

Venue: Konstnärshuset, Stockholm. 20151208 10 minute life drawing A3 5 minute life drawing A3 2 minute life drawing A3 5 minute life drawing A3 5 minute life drawing A3 5 minute life drawing A3 2 minute life drawings A3

A recent urbansketch

If you would like to see more of my pencil sketches please do visit 2b, 6b and 9b pencil sketch in journal 14 x 9 cm

Painting a live model

I wish there were more opportunities to paint longer model poses here in Stockholm. Maybe the art colleges have. If anyone out there knows of same position, one, two or three hours model posing please do inform me.This watercolour took one hour in total to paint. I say in total because we had a 20… Continue reading Painting a live model

Is using a grid cheating?

I recently visited the Thielska Gallery here in Stockholm. It is a small museum but there are some real Swedish gems to see. Anders Zorn, Eugéne Jansson, Bruno Liljefors and Carl Larsson. It was Larsson’s pencil portrait that interested me most, I was surprised to see he was using the grid system to draw his… Continue reading Is using a grid cheating?

A quick watercolour nude

Venue: Konstnärshuset, Stockholm 20151129 This is a quickie I did last Sunday. I painted a longer one which took 90 minutes but I just want to finish her eyes before I publish. A5 watercolour 5-10 minutes

Last Saturday’s life drawing

Venue: Basis, Stockholm. 20151128 We had a nice model, I think I’ve sketched her before a few years back. Two minute sketch on A3 paper Ten minute sketch on A3 paper Ten minute sketch on A3 paper