Creating drama out of nothing

Granskär, Åland

I was feeling unwell yesterday evening – but the day was beautiful and the Åland archipelago was so wonderful, I just had to paint it.
There was nothing going on, the evening was still and we had found a safe mooring for the night. I painted what was in front of me, it was lacking something so i added the figures. Now it is up to you to tell the story, I haven’t a clue, I’m just an artist 😉

A watercolour of Granskär, Åland
Granskär, Åland
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Heading home

Fisherman in Fiskö

Yesterday evening we were in Fiskö, east of Åland in the Baltic sea. This morning we turned around and started our long journey home to Stockholm. We are cruising, so we still have nearly a week left to enjoy this beautiful archipelago and Stockholm’s too.

This watercolour was painted yesterday evening while the sun was slowly setting in the harbour at Fiskö. The fishing boat hasn’t moved for years, I’d guess about 20 or even more but I chose to add a fisherman to make the scene more alive. I finished the last 10% of the painting this morning, no better way to start the day than with a strong coffee in one hand and a sable brush in the other.

Title: Fisherman in Fiskö, 36 x 26 cm

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Watercolour of a Fisherman in Fiskö
Fisherman in Fiskö

Experiencing solitude

Feeling lucky to be sailing in the Finnish archipelago. Right now we are on the island of Ekskär.

Watercolour demonstration – Fishermen [ Ep. 10 ]

Fishermen watercolour demonstration

This is my last demonstration video from my time cruising around the Aeolian islands in June.

A watercolour demonstration painted in my studio
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An evening swim in 16 degrees

Sailing in the Finnish archipelago. Currently on an island called Birsskär. Peaceful, the wind isn’t angry anymore, not until Tuesday at least.

Painting in the rain

We are sailing to Finland from Stockholm but the weather is pretty awful so we have to shelter from the strong winds often. We spent 2 days in Degerby in Åland. It’s easier to paint on land so being forced to seek shelter isn’t so bad. It’s a pity it’s cold and raining but I found a roof to stand under while I painted.

Painting in a Nordic summer

I am currently sailing to Finland with my wife and another couple. The weather is cool and the winds blow with attitude from the north. Each morning it is just over 10 degrees, it’s humid and the sky is mostly grey. …..But yesterday was an exception, it was a lovely sunny morning for at least 3 hours!

We had been seeking protection from the strong winds in Rödhamn, Åland. It’s a beautiful little harbour.

Painting outdoors in Lipari

I just published my latest watercolour demonstration on YouTube. I painted the scene in the beautiful port of Lipari while sailing around the Aeolian islands recently. Please leave comments about the video, feedback helps me improve my demonstrations.

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