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A watercolour for a friend

To Åland

I have a friend who loves to sail. I gave her this watercolour birthday card, it is a memory of her sailing much faster than I to Åland last year.

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Last sketch from Åland

This was the last sketch from our month-long sailing trip to Finland and Åland. I finished the painting yesterday but I actually painted most of it at Fiskö, on the 25th of July. I really miss being out sailing, it’s not as much fun sitting here in my Studio.

I actually am going to make a break for it tomorrow morning! I am going to camp on an island that I have been wanting to sketch for years. I’ll tell you more about that in a later post.

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Painting in a Nordic summer

I am currently sailing to Finland with my wife and another couple. The weather is cool and the winds blow with attitude from the north. Each morning it is just over 10 degrees, it’s humid and the sky is mostly grey. …..But yesterday was an exception, it was a lovely sunny morning for at least 3 hours!

We had been seeking protection from the strong winds in Rödhamn, Åland. It’s a beautiful little harbour.