Sketching my emotions Nr.7

Sketching my emotions Nr.7

I bought a ukulele last August. I’m hooked. Everytime I want to take a break from painting I pick up my ukulele.

Sketching my emotions Nr.6

Emotion Nr.6

I think this watercolour sketch represents my feelings pretty good. It’s March and summer is coming.

A small sketch of the neighbourhood. It’s rough.


Crazy to think it was so cold just a short time ago. Most of the snow has melted now. I long to get out and start sketching for real. Soon, very soon. Svindersviken 18 x 13 cm

Sketching at Waldermarsudde with old friends

Waldermarsudde sketch

It is interestesting how people who used to be new friends are now old friends. I have been life drawing since 2011 and along the way I have got to know many new people who share a love of trying to capture what they see in front of them. We would meet for coffee after… Continue reading Sketching at Waldermarsudde with old friends

Painting watercolours and catching up with friends


Last weekend I met my life drawing friends. We’ve known each other for years so it has been tough not meeting them due to the pandemic. It was incredibly nice to meet finally, we sketched a little, I chose to paint the Vasa museum, a must see if you ever visit Stockholm. The high point… Continue reading Painting watercolours and catching up with friends

It’s not often I get inspired by such dullness

Nacka Strand and a grey day

I was in my studio at home when workmen started drilling into the outer wall of the apartment. After 15 minutes of painful noise I gave up grabbed my sketch bag and jumped into the van. It was grey and wet but I told myself to go to the local waterfront (Nacka Strand) to paint… Continue reading It’s not often I get inspired by such dullness

I miss the sea but sketching derelict buildings is fun too.

This is Liljeholmen, an industrial area that had it’s better days many, many years ago. Fun to sketch, charming even. 17.5 x 13 cm Click the Thumbnail below if you would like to see the full sized image.

Sheltering in the outer archipelago

The original sketch

I have good memories from my time in the outer Stockholm archipelago. This watercolour sketch is a bit scratchy but I think it caught the feeling of us sheltering from bad weather pretty well at Sadelöga. I will most likely develop this into a studio painting later in the year.17.5 x 13 cm Click the… Continue reading Sheltering in the outer archipelago

A late evening sketch

A late evening sketch from the boat on Nämdö, Skärvassa. I use my gas heat gun to dry the watercolour. It’s been a cool July so far. It means the archipelago isn’t as crowded as I thought it would be, that’s a plus. 13 x 17.5cm Click the thumbnail below to see the full sized… Continue reading A late evening sketch