I am still sketching in the Stockholm archipelago. I find endless inspiration here. 17.5 x 13 cm

This is a favourite watercolour

I painted this as the the day came to an end, we had found a safe place for the night in Ålöfladen, south of Utö on the 10th of July. I had no high expectation, just started painting, a boat in the calm. I had to use my gas burner to dry it, the evening… Continue reading This is a favourite watercolour

Another day another sketch

I still feel so lucky to be able to enjoy nature as I do. The view from Nedergårdsö. 9th of July, 13 x 17.5cm

It’s easier to paint when it’s not blowing a storm

It’s better now but the first two weeks of our sailing trip was all about dodging the strong winds and seeking good shelter. This watercolour sketch was painted at Fjärdlång on the 8th of July. I’m aware the trees look like green fireworks but that’s what I felt when I tried to capture the view… Continue reading It’s easier to paint when it’s not blowing a storm

Gentle wind, time for a sketch

As we sailed south there was one day when the winds were gentle, not so common this year I have to report. So as we sailed slowly past this small island with it’s navigational light I just got the urge to try and capture it. Light winds became a pleasure.

A late evening sketch

A late evening sketch from the boat on Nämdö, Skärvassa. I use my gas heat gun to dry the watercolour. It’s been a cool July so far. It means the archipelago isn’t as crowded as I thought it would be, that’s a plus. 13 x 17.5cm Click the thumbnail below to see the full sized… Continue reading A late evening sketch

Holiday watercolours


We are currently sailing along the east coast of Sweden, taking it easy as we always do – which means I have time to do some watercolour sketching. Here is a sketch from when we visited Grisselholmen on the 3rd of July. More watercolours to follow! Grisselholmen 13 x 17.5 cm Click the thumbnail image… Continue reading Holiday watercolours

My latest sketches

I thought it’s time to show my watercolour sketches. Most are from 2020 and most are painted outdoors but not all. The format I use is roughly 13 x 17.5 cm. I basically divide a sheet of watercolour paper by four and then by four again. (Tip: I tear the paper using a ruler) Feedback… Continue reading My latest sketches

View from Kvarnholmen

View from Kvarnholmen

I just published a video of me painting this view from Kvarnholmen, click here to see it. I simplified the watercolour composition a lot and I really like it. It takes a lot of experience to start seeing what is a good composition and what is not. Believe me, I have made a lot of… Continue reading View from Kvarnholmen