Plein air watercolor Watercolour

Painting from Beckholmen on a damp day

I painted the other week on Beckholmen, Stockholm. The view is of Danvikshem which is very close to where I live. Size: 26 x 36 cm.

Sketch sketching watercolor Watercolour

It’s easier to paint when it’s not blowing a storm

It’s better now but the first two weeks of our sailing trip was all about dodging the strong winds and seeking good shelter. This watercolour sketch was painted at Fjärdlång on the 8th of July. I’m aware the trees look like green fireworks but that’s what I felt when I tried to capture the view from my boat. A little weird maybe, what do you think?

My latest video which shows my sketches:


I play with fire in this episode

Hello, I visited Gålö a few weeks back and painted in sometimes challenging circumstances which demanded drastic action. I don’t how many watercolour artists use a blow torch to dry their work but I do, when it’s just not going to dry.
All in all it was a fun day, I just love painting outdoors.

Painting Outdoors – Gålö, Stockholm ( Ep15)