Nudes in Art History

A large index of Artists and their nudes. This blog is well worth a visit, there is so much to discover, I look forward to spending many hours trawling through it for inspiration, it is huge! LA CONCHIGLIA DI VENERE

Recycling sketches

Originally these were two minute sketches from Tuesday night’s life drawing session. They were just line drawings, and looked very unfinished so I had a little fun last night and splashed some colour onto them. It was rewarding because I didn’t care if I ruined them or not, they were just quick little sketches. It’s… Continue reading Recycling sketches

Tuesday’s life drawing

This was a tough session. The weather was awful and I got soaked in the cold November rain, I was not in the right frame of mind from the onset. I thought all my sketches were disasters but looking at them now, the next day I see that it wasn’t a wasted evening at all.… Continue reading Tuesday’s life drawing

Sketching at Ikea

I went sketching at Ikea today together with super-talented Nina Johansson. We are part of a small group here in Stockholm that meet once a month to sketch. At this time of the year it is too cold to be outside so we choose an indoor location. Ikea was a fun place to be, lots of… Continue reading Sketching at Ikea

Good Sketch day…

I am much happier with my sketches this time around. I felt confident while using pen and wash to capture the male-model’s different poses. I want to emulate Charles Reid but I seem to be mixing in a little Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud in there too! No harm in that, but I want to be more… Continue reading Good Sketch day…

Bad sketch day…

Yes we all have them, bad sketch days. Mine was today, I struggled to produce anything that was decent. 5 minute pencil sketch 10 minute pen and wash 15 minute pen and wash

Watercolour flowers – mass5000

I tried my hand at flower painting yesterday, it was a birthday card for my sister. It was great fun and so today I looked for some inspiration on the internet. maas5000 – Check out the YouTube channel here. Can somebody please tell me her name? I’m guessing, but I don’t think mass5000 is her… Continue reading Watercolour flowers – mass5000

Pen and wash life drawing sketches

My pen and wash life drawing sketches are improving… At least that’s how it feels to me! 🙂 10 minute pen and wash sketch 5 minute pen and wash sketch 5 minute pen and wash sketch 5 minute pen and wash sketch

A trotting doodle

Friday afternoon at work and I have time to sketch from my computer screen. Trotting doodle