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Sketching at Ikea

I went sketching at Ikea today together with super-talented Nina Johansson. We are part of a small group here in Stockholm that meet once a month to sketch. At this time of the year it is too cold to be outside so we choose an indoor location. Ikea was a fun place to be, lots of interesting perspectives, colours and details. I bought a few things for my kitchen after we had finished sketching. 🙂

Sketch of Ikea by David Meldrum
The entrance to Ikea
Sketch of Ikea by David Meldrum
Sketching sofas at Ikea is a comfortable experience.
Sketch of Ikea by David Meldrum
The strange white figure looks at the weird bed perspective…

5 thoughts on “Sketching at Ikea

  1. I had a blast drawing at IKEA with you, David. Turned out to be the perfect sketching place for November!

  2. I really like your sketches from Ikea, maybe you should show them for someone working at Ikea and maybe we will see them in the next commercial?!
    🙂 cheers Helena

  3. Thanks Helena,
    We had a great time there at Ikea. Yes, I guess Ikea or any other store might be interested in Stockholm Sketchers invading their store, there is good PR value in it. 😉

  4. December 30th, this is the question.

  5. Haha, they should be proud that their stores workes as inpiration (or maybe just a warm shelter) 🙂

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