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Beautiful lighting effect

Image of Ondines
Ondines. Antoine Calbet (1860-1944)

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Nudes in Art History

A large index of Artists and their nudes. This blog is well worth a visit, there is so much to discover, I look forward to spending many hours trawling through it for inspiration, it is huge!

art art history artists Louis le Brocquy Watercolour

Louis le Brocquy, artist 1916 – 2012

Irish artist Louis le Brocquy died last month, I’d forgotten how good he was, I don’t know if he hung out with Bacon and Freud but his work is quite similar. I’m currently learning to paint watercolour portraits the Charles Reid way, Louis le Brocquy has a surprisingly similar watercolour style, …although Charles Reid seems to be more cheerful in personality. Visit: Unfortunately his website is difficult to navigate but it’s worth the visit. Louis le Brocquy obituary, in The Guardian

Louis le Brocquy
art art history artists Picasso Simon Schama Video youtube

Simon Schama’s Picasso

I did not feel like doing a lunch time sketch today so I watched my favourite art series by Simon Schama. This week it’s Picasso’s turn.

art art history Simon Schama Van Gogh Video youtube

Simon Schama’s Vincent van Gogh

Another of Simon Schama’s wonderful series, this time it’s about the life of Vincent van Gogh.

art art history Simon Schama Turner Video youtube

Simon Schama’s J.M.W. Turner

Simon Schama’s J.M.W. Turner 1 of 4