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My second day at Björnö: Mission – to paint better

My first day at Björnö was an amazing experience but I wasn’t happy with the watercolours I created. Rather than get all depressed about it I decided to just return to Björnö and try again. The important factor being that I was alone and so I could relax and really think about what I wanted to achieve. Basically, I wanted to paint better. Some important things I learned from the day before was to take my time, be precise and paint in the shade.
I had a wonderful day, it was colder but the sky was a summer blue. ( As I write this it is snowing outside my window, April weather in Sweden is pretty damn extreme. ) By the end of the day I had three nice little paintings and I went home with a smile on my face. It’s a nice sensation to feel one is progressing.

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After several visits to Björnö it was time

View from Björnö

I have been visiting Björnö here in the Stockholm archipelago for many weeks now. It gets a little warmer each time I sketch there. Yesterday, I decided to do a studio painting based on my sketches and photographs. I am trying to catch the Scandinavian melancholy I feel when I visit the archipelago during the winter months. I’m happy with the result.

Click the thumbnail below for a full-sized image.

View from Björnö
View from Björnö

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A moody little watercolour that made me happy


A view from Kvarnholmen. A small sketch, a giant leap …I’ve haven’t been painting so much recently so this little watercolour, painted the other day was important; a small step.

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What happens when you add salt to a watercolour?

Landsort Chapel

Just playing around with salt crystals scattered on my wet watercolour. It’s fun to experiment every now and then. 🙂
The featured chapel is on an island which lies south of Stockholm called Landsort. We explored the island during our sailing trip last year. A nice memory, I look forward to the summer with impatience.

Landsorts Chapel / Kapell

If you would like to see the full-sized image, click the thumbnail below

Landsort Chapel
Landsort Chapel
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A watercolour of the view at Sadelöga

View from Sadelöga

We sailed for the whole month of July this year. It was windy almost everyday and it was important to find some good protection for the evening. Ironically the winds usually died down but it was not guaranteed. This watercolour is the view from Sadelöga, NE of Utö in the Stockholm Archipelago.

I originally painted a small sketch of this scene from the cockpit of the boat, now that it is the season to paint in the studio I decided to have a go at a large version. It’s 70 x 50 cm in format, I haven’t painted this big for a year at least. I really enjoyed the challenge and I am happy enough with the result.

I have a few tubes of paint that I basically don’t really like and have been trying to use up for years. Antwerp Blue, for example. I took the opportunity to use it for the sea and I used Neutral Tint over it to try and calm it down. Like I said before, I am satisfied with the final result but I will be happy to see the end of that tube of 37ml Antwerp Blue.