akvarell watercolor Watercolour

Summer houses by the shore

We sail a lot during the summer. The closer you are to Stockholm the more houses there are. For us it’s a warning, it means we need to keep sailing east for a few hours until we are in the outer archipelago.

akvarell watercolor Watercolour

From a reference photo

I am delighted that I am actually painting in the studio during the winter months. My mental-health suffers badly at this time, especially these last few years. The situation has improved though. It’s not perfect, but I am able to function again thanks to professional help. It’s fantastic to be regularly painting again

I painted this watercolour from a photo I’d taken during the summer. It’s a bit of a cheat, the couple were never there. I think that’s called creative licence. I really do prefer to paint outdoors, to be in nature. It’s -8 celsius outside here in Stockholm, and it’s snowing. The studio feels pretty good right now.

36 x 26 cm
Click the image below if you would like to see the full sized watercolour.

akvarell watercolor Watercolour

Scandinavian coastal pine

I like this motiv a lot. It was fun to paint. I am experimenting with Daniel Smith high granulation colours. I think this has the feeling or the mood I want to attain with my paintings. It’s not often I am happy with my work but I like this one. 😃

Scandinavian coastal pine 26 x 36 cm
Click the image below to see the full-sized image.

akvarell watercolor Watercolour

I needed to save the painting so I drew a duck

The story behind this painting is that it just wasn’t working out.

So I ripped the picture in half horizontally and saved the top half, the sky along with the tops of the trees. There used to be houses along a shoreline on the bottom half. It was this that sucked and had to go.

I was left with some clouds and tree tops. What to do? Well, I used a flying duck to try and save the watercolour. It was the first time I ever painted a duck. I need to practice a bit more.

That’s the story behind this painting. ☺

watercolor Watercolour

Somewhere, I can’t remember

I took the reference photo for this watercolour 18 years ago. I wish I could remember where in the archipelago it was, but I can’t. It’s a pity, because I’d like to visit that place again to paint plein air. It’s hard to imagine now, but I did not paint watercolours back then.

To my Swedish friends, does anyone know where it might be?

watercolor Watercolour

The view from Bullerön

Many famous Swedish artists have visited this island in the Stockholm archipelago. It was the beginning of the 20th century, Bruno Liljefors owned the island and Anders Zorn often visited to go hunting together. I suspect they did a few paintings too.

The view from Bullerön: 51×33 cm

watercolor Watercolour

Practising my clouds

All I want to do right now, is paint and improve.
Earlier in the week, I painted this watercolour. It’s an exercise more than a finished piece of art. I just wanted to practice my clouds. The sea, I wanted to practice that too, the sea is so hard to master.

I need to improve my compositional skills as well. Placing an island dead centre is not a good idea. So when I’ve mastered the clouds and the sea, I’ll start trying to improve my compositions. That will keep me busy for a while.

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akvarell watercolor Watercolour

The Stockholm Archipelago

This is one of my first studio paintings since 2019. Kinda had to believe, but it’s true. My seasonal depression has prevented me until now. I painted last week and I added a few more islands to it yesterday. I’m happy with it. So nice to be painting during the winter months again. 🙂

Video watercolour video youtube

I kept my mouth shut for this one

I visited Utö during the month of September to spend two days camping and painting. The island was so quiet, the evenings can be cool but if you are lucky you can still get a beautiful warm day.

This video has no dialog, instead I thought I’d let the sound of the lapping water and the beautiful view speak for themselves. The film is short, 7 minutes long.

I have included a description of the gear I used in the film down below. I hope you enjoy it, please do send me comments and let me know what you think – be it good or bad. You can support the making of these videos, visit my crowdfunding page, there you can follow my weekly vlogs, see bonus material, and even receive original watercolours as thanks.

Here is a list of my most important watercolours that I use while sketching outdoors. In this watercolour I mostly used – Cobalt Blue, French Ultramarine, Verditer Blue, Jaune Brilliant No1, Yellow Ochre and Vandyke Brown. My easel is no longer for sale on Amazon unfortunately. My camping chair is a Swedish brand called Walkstool Comfort 45cm/18in. ( The hammock tent is by Hennessy 4 Season Expedition Zip. (

While sketching I use a Winsor & Newton Field palette My watercolours (tube) :
– Holbein Titanium White
– Winsor & Newton Cadmium Yellow Pale
– Holbein Jaune Brilliant No1 .
-Winsor & Newton Naples Yellow
– Winsor & Newton Yellow Ochre
– Winsor & Newton Burnt Sienna
– Winsor & Newton Cadmium Orange
– Winsor & Newton Cadmium Red
– Daniel Smith Alizarin Crimson
– Winsor & Newton UltraMarine Violet
– Winsor & Newton Cobalt Blue
– Winsor & Newton French Ultra Marine
– Holbein Verditer Blue
– Winsor & Newton Cobalt Turquoise Light
– Holbien Vandyke Brown
– Winsor & Newton Neutral Tint.

The view from east Utö. September 2022