Bacon 2017

If you like Francis Bacon you will enjoy this documentary, “A Brush with Violence” by the BBC.

More Bacon

I could not let it go, I had to have another try. This was a quick sketch were I focused on the shapes of the face and not the details. Francis Bacon

Not a very crispy Bacon

I scrubbed so much at this portrait, so it lacks magic, when will I ever learn, let the watercolour to do the work! Frustrating, but at the same time I learned a lot. Trying to do as many portraits as I can right now, I’m missing something, they are not like their owners. I hope… Continue reading Not a very crispy Bacon

Learning to be patient

To be patient, to spend hours on one drawing or painting; it is certainly something that does not come naturally to me. These two small sketches are exercises in extending my length of focus on one drawing. It isnot so hard really, I was relaxed and I listened to Bach playing serenely in the background,… Continue reading Learning to be patient