Francis Bacon

Bacon 2017

If you like Francis Bacon you will enjoy this documentary, “A Brush with Violence” by the BBC.

David Meldrum Francis Bacon Portrait Sketch

More Bacon

I could not let it go, I had to have another try. This was a quick sketch were I focused on the shapes of the face and not the details.

Francis Bacon by David Meldrum
Francis Bacon

David Meldrum Francis Bacon Portrait Watercolour

Not a very crispy Bacon

I scrubbed so much at this portrait, so it lacks magic, when will I ever learn, let the watercolour to do the work! Frustrating, but at the same time I learned a lot. Trying to do as many portraits as I can right now, I’m missing something, they are not like their owners. I hope by doing many, something will click and a light bulb will turn on.

Francis Bacon 23 x 30,5 cm, Fabriano fine grain – cold pressed 300g
David Meldrum Francis Bacon Gustav Klimt Sketch

Learning to be patient

To be patient, to spend hours on one drawing or painting; it is certainly something that does not come naturally to me. These two small sketches are exercises in extending my length of focus on one drawing. It is
not so hard really, I was relaxed and I listened to Bach playing serenely in the background, the minutes flew by. It is creating time to achieve this which is the hardest art to master. If my life resembled a tightly packed suitcase, then something would have to be discarded in order for me to make room for my art. The question is what?

Sketch of Gustav Klimt by David Meldrum
Gustav Klimt – Fabriano A5 paper, 14.8x21cm

Sketch of Francis Bacon by David Meldrum
Francis Bacon – Fabriano A5 paper, 14.8x21cm

Francis Bacon Video

Understanding Francis Bacon

This documentary by Arena, BBC, reveals a lot about the person – Francis Bacon.