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Action Bear!

Lars, who has the nick name, Action Bear posed last night at ABF. I don’t normally attend the life drawing there but my Tuesday figure drawing place of choice (Konstnärshuset) was cancelled due to illness.

The lighting is extreme at ABF, rows and rows of fluorescent tube lighting in a large white room. Hard to see the human form in such harsh conditions. 
Should I go to life drawing when I am tired? I was really exhausted, I don’t let it stop me but I wonder if I should give the drawing a rest sometimes. I found it hard to focus. Below are a few drawing from the evening. The last sketch is my homage to Francis Bacon, I just felt like playing around, I think I was frustrated by my lack of sleep.
Nude by David Meldrum

Nude by David Meldrum

Nude by David Meldrum

By meldrum

My name is David Meldrum. I am an Artist who loves watercolour.

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Well there´s no need to justified what you´ve done cause it´s incredibly good. I rather not to see what you would do if you were centered and rested. I´m thinking not to rest and see if that makes me as good as you are.

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