David Meldrum France Watercolour

Loguivy de la mer

Just ten minutes away from where I was staying in Brittany last week there is a small fishing village called Loguivy de la mer. I found it magical and visited the place for three days in a row. These watercolours were painted on the second day, the 22nd of August I think it was. I am happy with them, they are loose enough in style to feel quite fresh – at least, I think so.

Loguivy de la mer at full tide
Loguivy de la mer at full tide. Arches rough 31 x 23 cm, 300g
David Meldrum France Watercolour

Little blue boat

When I walked past this boat it struck me how cute it was. I also liked the pier in the background. I had a lot of fun painting this, it took me nearly four hours to complete. It was painted on Arches rough as usual, 31 x 41 cm. Painted on the

The finished painting of the cute blue boat
The finished watercolour and my subject in the background
Uncomplete watercolour
At the halfway point