Edsvik watercolor Watercolour

National Watercolour Exhibition – Edsvik

I was very happy to have one of my paintings excepted into the annual National Watercolour Exhibition at the Edsvik Art Gallery. The watercolour is entitled, Västan – which is the name of the Stockholm ferry featured.

It’s interesting for me as this watercolour is two years old and as I am still developing as an artist it is very much from my past. It has a strong composition which is good but my technical skills have improved a lot since 2017. Another interesting fact is that this painting was exhibited at The Salamanca ECWS exhibition of 2017. I was so proud that I was chosen to represent Sweden in this European watercolour event.

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David Meldrum Edsvik exhibition Watercolour

Opening day at Edsvik

I had a wonderful day at Edsvik’s watercolour exhibition where I have two paintings on view. I met a lot of new watercolourists plus a few heroes which was nice. The exhibition continues until the 28th August.

David Meldrum standing in front of his painting called “If”
Standing in front of my painting called “If”

David Meldrum standing in front of his painting called *Japanese vases*.
This one is called “Japanese vases”

David Meldrum telling the crowd where his paintings are hanging.
Introducing myself and telling the crowd where my paintings are hanging.

A woman admires David Meldrum's watercolour
At least one person admired my work!