Sketching my emotions nr.2

emotion 2

I am enjoying this little exercise – illustrating emotions, I’ve never tried before. I have been writing journals for years and years so in a way I am used to getting feelings down on paper. I just haven’t used watercolour before.

Sketching a little castle outdoors. Ep25


In this episode I take myself to a small island called Beckholmen where I sketch another little island called Kastellholmen, both are very close to the centre of Stockholm. It became a grey day and so it was a challenge to make the sketch interesting. Follow me step by step as I paint and hope… Continue reading Sketching a little castle outdoors. Ep25

It’s important to exercise each day.


I walk everyday, it’s very important for me to get outside and get a breath of fresh air. It’s so essential to leave the studio and let my eyes rest by viewing my surroundings, my neighbourhood. Yesterday, I was inspired by the sky, the earlier rain had ceased and left wonderful clouds to hang around… Continue reading It’s important to exercise each day.

This is what happens when I take a break


I am currently editing my latest “Painting Outdoors” video and it should be ready in the coming days I hope. I spend far too many hours in front of the computer screen so it’s really important to take breaks. And being a watercolour artist the natural thing for me to do is to paint a… Continue reading This is what happens when I take a break

I need to sketch less now

Lilla holmen

The autumn is here, the days are getting shorter, I take lunchtime walks to get as much light as I possibly can. It’s that time of the year when it’s totally natural to spend more time in the studio. I have sketched all summer and I feel I have improved a great deal due to… Continue reading I need to sketch less now

Watercolours while on holiday video

In this video I paint a watercolour scene of islands in the archipelago while on holidays. My goal with these demonstrations is to help others who are trying to or thinking of sketching outdoors. My tip for this episode is that there is rarely a perfect sketching location to be had. Just sit down somewhere… Continue reading Watercolours while on holiday video

A laboured watercolour sketch

Looking out to sea at Nacka Strand

I painted this sketch from my van down by the water close to where I live. If I ignore all the scrubbing and scratching I think it has a nice feeling to it. Maybe it’s the simplicity of the composition, maybe it’s the sunny vibe or the girl looking out to sea. I would like… Continue reading A laboured watercolour sketch

Summer sketching

View from Boda

The weather has been so good recently, I made sure I got away from the studio and explored the countryside close to home. The countryside usually means water and islands that are crowned with Scots pine. At least I seem to be always drawn to the sea, I feel best there by the waters edge… Continue reading Summer sketching