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Sketching classic cars

Today I travelled from Söder in Stockholm on a 1938 Scania – Vabis nicknamed the “Bulldog”. Our destination was the “Gärdesloppet”, a large gathering of old vehicles held once a year. I had a fun day, I’m not mad about cars but I enjoyed seeing grown men’s faces light up with joy at the sight of an over-powdered American Cadillac. I spent a lot of time on the “Bulldog” touring around town on a beautiful sunny day.

Sketch by David Meldrum
A4 pencil sketch

Sketch by David Meldrum
A5 pencil sketch

Sketch by David Meldrum
A5 pencil sketch

4 thoughts on “Sketching classic cars

  1. Så flotte skisser!

  2. Tack så mycket aariho! Jag ska till Bergen nästa vecka, ska köra bil till Trondheim! 🙂

  3. Not mad as you about cars but since today I´ll look at them with another eyes.

  4. Ha, ha! 🙂 I'm not crazy about cars either but it was fun day. Once a year is good enough for me. View Nina's blog for really good illustrations:

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