David Meldrum figure drawing My Life Drawing Sketch

Last life drawing for 2014

These sketches were done at Konstnärshuset last Tuesday, 201412009

Five minute nude by David Meldrum
Five minute nude

Nude by David Meldrum
Ten minute nude

Five minute nude by David Meldrum
Five minute nude

I could do some nudes at Basis here in Stockholm this Saturday but I just have to focus on the Christmas monster that I have been ignoring. Presents have to be bought and cards have to be sent, you know the drill. Looking forward to next year’s life drawing already.

By meldrum

My name is David Meldrum. I am an Artist who loves watercolour.

5 replies on “Last life drawing for 2014”

Fantastic life drawing as you always do. and now here comes christmas, just try to find time to keep drawing, don´t make us miss you. Happy holidays.

Well, thanks in advance, I´m starting to look for a place to hang it, of course an honor one, and I´ll try to find a watercolor not as good as yours,to thank you for your present.

Hopefully you should get the envelope before Christmas. I would love to see your work some day but you really don't need to give me anything, it is I who wants to thank you!

I´ll let you know when it arrives, and don´t worry and it´s me who win in this exchange. Merry Christmas.

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