Nude watercolor Watercolour

These days I always start my week with a watercolour nude

I think I have mentioned it before, I need a life drawing sketch or watercolour nude every Monday. My life drawing session that I run every Thursday needs to be publicised. The classes are turning out to be popular especially for those who live in smaller towns around Sweden. Covid-19 ended my physical classes last March but streaming via Zoom has turned out to be a very positive development.
If you would like to know more about Meldrum Kroki which streams every Thursday evening please join my Facebook group here.

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monday nude
monday nude
Life drawing

Something I haven’t done for a while, a pencil sketch.

It seems crazy but I haven’t been to a life drawing class since Covid broke out last year. I run my own life drawing classes but as most of you who regularly visit this site know, I never have time to sketch. There are exceptions, last week being one, the whole evening ran smoothly and so by the time the longer 5 minute poses came along I felt relaxed and so I managed a few sketches. I’m only showing this one, I’m definitely rusty.

figure drawing Life drawing

Meldrum Kroki ( life drawing ) has Zoom Premiere

Today is an exciting day, I will be streaming my first life drawing class using the popular app Zoom. I will continue using the Dieselverkstaden studio and will live stream from there every Thursday evening stating tonight. I have plans to reach out internationally with my class but the first step is to try it locally. The biggest problem I have with international participants is accepting payments. Locally we use a service called Swish here in Sweden. I am developing a way to accept payments from abroad and hopefully that will be fixed in the coming weeks.

If you are living in Sweden and have a Swish account then I invite you to the premiere of Meldrum Kroki on Zoom this evening. Please join Meldrum Kroki on Facebook which is private group to gain access, click the following link:

Like I said already, I am really looking forward to offering life drawing live.

See you soon I hope whether you are international or Swedish.

Please note that my actual (physical) life drawing classes are on hold until the pandemic is under control.