Revisiting Randazzo Sicily

Yes, I had a wonderful holiday in Sicily this summer. It seems so long ago now, especially now that the autumn leaves have fallen and the bare trees are almost black in tone.
I paint every morning and so I often browse through my photo reference folder which is full of potential watercolour scenes. And so it was with this scene, it just said hello to me and I started painting it. I never know what I am going to paint before I start, it’s interesting how we get inspired, it can be different everyday.
I am happy with this watercolour, I seem to have found a new awareness on how to tackle a scene, it excites me and I want to just paint more scenes, isn’t life great! 🙂

Click the thumbnail image below if you would like to see it in full-size.

watercolour of Randazzo Sicily
Randazzo Sicily
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Portrait practice continues

I don’t know how long I can keep this up? I want to paint a portrait every day for the foreseeable future so that I can improve in this area. The only problem is there are other projects that need to be taken care of too. I can juggle pretty good but dealing with my new art career is tricky.

I am happy enough with this portrait, I like the nose – that’s enough for me to like the painting. See, I am not too demanding on myself! I spent too much time fiddling with the shading so it’s not perfect but I know I will improve each time I do a portrait and that’s incentive enough for me.

Painted on Suanders Waterford CP 26 x 36 cm.

Click the image below if you would like to see the full- sized painting.

Portrait practice
Portrait practice