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People’s boat

Folkbåt regatta nr.2

This is the second of a series of paintings dedicated to the Folkbåt (people’s boat). I would love to own one but there is so much work each year maintaining it, I just don’t have the time or the passion for sanding and painting in the cold Swedish spring. I could buy a modern plastic one, they make them in Germany I believe but it’s not the same. It was better in the old days. Format: 69 x 24 cm.

The original reference photos and inspiration for my painting were taken by Finish photographer, Erik Lähteenmäki. You can visit his website here.

Click image below to see larger version.

Folkbåt regatta nr.2
Folkbåt regatta nr.2


1 thought on “People’s boat

  1. Good format for you, nice composition and fantastic atmospherical sensation, forget using so much time in boats and use it for your great art.

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