David Meldrum Lunch Sketch Naked Hands Watercolour

Monday’s naked hand

I gave this hand two washes and then stopped, I was planning to add a few more but realised that I was happy with it after two. It is interesting when one gets the message to stop. Sometimes, it comes too late of course.

Moleskin watercolour notebook, 9 x 14 cm.

By meldrum

My name is David Meldrum. I am an Artist who loves watercolour.

4 replies on “Monday’s naked hand”

That is really good: wonderful shadow on the first and second fingers and nice that you didn't feel tempted to put a line between them! Michael

Thank you Michael,
I really like this hand too, I've been trying hard to match it ever since its creation, I haven't succeeded yet. It's frustrating, but at least I know it is reachable, -to paint that well every time I put a brush to paper.

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