Revisiting my summer sailing adventure

We sailed to the NW of Åland close to the Finnish border during the month of July. It always feels pretty exposed there when the winds blow and it tends to blow often. There were a number of occasions when we had to shelter in small harbours which gave me the opportunity to do some watercolour painting.

I did this small sketch below when we were sheltering in Seglinge, it mentions on the back of the watercolour that the winds were 8-15 m/s and blowing from the north and that more favourable wind was coming the next day. Nice memories for sure.

Seglinge 17 x 13 cm

The main featured watercolour was started the same day ( 2021/07/22 ) but I ran out of time or maybe it was passion, who knows. Anyway, I finally finished it yesterday. I found the unfinished watercolour in a pile beside my desk, … my studio is such a mess I really need to clean the place. I gave the watercolour a grunge type feel, I wanted the painting to feel moody, atmospheric, something like that. I’m happy enough with the result but now it’s time to move on to the next watercolour. Have a nice weekend.

Click the thumbnail below for a full sized image.

Seglinge 36 x 26 cm