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Not every painting is a masterpiece

I am trying to paint everyday and I want to be challenged so that I can learn and develop. The original photo reference I used was snapped while I was walking along the coast in Bangor, Northern Ireland. This wasn’t a strong composition to begin with but I liked the shadows and the angles created by the pathway and tree. I had a go and this is the result. Like all of my paintings there are somethings I like and there are thing I am not to fond of.
Tomorrow is another day and a new challenge awaits.
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Bangor walk

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Not quite home.

Groomsport, Norther Ireland

I feel so strange in Northern Ireland, my family live here but I never did. I grew up in the south. The cultures are very different, surprisingly so because Ireland is a smallish island. So coming home is not quite coming home, my parents moved here just before the beginning of the new millennium, that was 19 years ago. Like I said, it’s a strange feeling. Anyway, where is home? It’s in Stockholm of course! So homes move – mobile homes, I like the sound of that.
To be fair Northern Ireland is a beautiful place and there is lots of great scenes to paint and sketch. Today I drove to Groomsport not far from Bangor and did a quick painting of a house that I have painted before. I have put a link to that one here. It was a lovely day, it felt nice to smell the sea air and hear the seagulls sing. Yes, I know they don’t sing very well but it was enjoyable anyway!


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Groomsport, NI by David Meldrum

I am visiting my mother in Norther Ireland at the moment. The other day I borrowed her car and drove to Groomsport, a small town close to Bangor where I am staying. I sat in the passenger seat of the car and painted this sketch. I am fascinated by the sky here in Ireland, it changes so quickly and can be so dramatic.
I painted in my current favourite sketchbook which has Saunders paper and is 38 x 28 cm in size.

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Groomsport, NI by David Meldrum
Groomsport, NI by David Meldrum