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New year celebrations

Donaghadee watercolour

I finished this sketch of Donaghadee harbour today. I actually started the sketch while in Ireland a couple of weeks back.
My last sketch of 2017. I am so looking forward to the new year. Tomorrow I will be a full-time artist!
I have included a few earlier version of the sketch, I know some of you are interested in seeing how I paint. Saunders watercolour paper 38 x 28 sketchbook.
Happy New Year everyone! 😀

By meldrum

My name is David Meldrum. I am an Artist who loves watercolour.

3 replies on “New year celebrations”

Thanks, actually it doesn’t look so good. Maybe I should be more selective when I post on my blog. Ah, what’s the point, I’ll just post everything – warts and all (English expression – warts and all
including features or qualities that are not appealing or attractive.
“Philip must learn to accept me, warts and all”
synonyms: unvarnished, truthful, realistic, true to life; More). 🙂

The only thing I´m going to thank you is more words for my short vocabulary, the rest is nosense critics you are your worst enemy

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