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Urban Sunday

meldrum urban sketch

Urban Sketching is just so much fun. This month we visited Lilla Wien which  I have walked past everyday going to work and never once thought, “Oh, I must visit that pub!”.  Every Sunday it seems, elderly jazz fans gather to listen to live music and to dance. They really looked like they were enjoying themselves.

I sat down at the long table that was reserved for us sketchers, I wasn’t facing the band but instead I had a good view of the bar. I am reasonably happy with the watercolour sketch, it would have been nicer if I had fewer hard edges. The bottles behind the bartender should have been out of focus, also the light on his shoulders should have been soft too.



3 thoughts on “Urban Sunday

  1. Art wherever you go, I love this watercolor because of the rich darks, contrasting lights and this cinema look like, for me just fantastic.

    1. Thank you setxu!
      … I call you setxu here but on Instagram I am not sure what I should call you. I am guessing that you would prefer that I don’t use your real name?

      1. call me as you want, no problem real and nick are ok.

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