40 degrees in the shade


I am in Salina, one of the seven Aeolian Islands north of Sicily. I filmed myself painting this watercolour today. I found a shaded spot to paint the trees in the village square. Shade was the most important word in existence as it was 40 degrees out of the sun, really hot in other words. Anyway, I am going to try and edit the material I filmed and hopefully I have a demonstration video up on YouTube very soon.

Village shade in Salina
Village shade

Nice to be sketching again

Plein Air 2019.06.13

We are sailing north of Sicily visiting Salina, one of the seven Aeolian Islands. So nice to have time to sketch again.

Watercolour sketch of Salina
Salena, one of the seven Aeolian Islands.

My second workshop

Painting completed 2019.05.29

I didn’t have many attending my workshop at the weekend, in fact I only had one but I was okay with that for a number of reasons. The main reason being that I never really advertised the event as I was not well for a long period of time beforehand.
So I had one great student and I think he went home happy with what he had learned that day. I also learned at lot, it was only my second workshop after all. The main thing I learned was that I have to offer simpler topics for my students to work on. Something that I find stimulating is most likely too advanced for students who are just learning about the beauty of watercolour.
The watercolour you see here was my demonstration painting, the last 10% I finished at home in the studio, the small details and textures etc. I am rather pleased with it considering I was demonstrating, there is a little more pressure when one has an audience.

Walking on St Eriksgatan
Walking on St Eriksgatan
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Urban watercolour confession


I basically have to admit that this watercolour or any other urban – watercolour that I have done has been difficult for me. I feel I am just learning the ropes, a total beginner but of course I have been painting these scenes for years. So I struggle and each time I learn something new. I am rarely happy with the end result but I am trying really hard to be kinder to myself. It is important to enjoy oneself after all.

Kungsgatan watercolour

This painting is a continuation of studies of Kungsgatan, a main street here in central Stockholm. 36 x 26 cm

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Urban Escape


I have a favourite spot in Stockholm at the moment, it’s the corner of Sveavägen and kungsgatan. I am using my own photographs as reference but very soon I will be out in the streets painting plein air for real. After my trip to Spain recently made me realise that this is what I want to do most.

The Crossing 26 x 36 cm
Painted on Saunders Waterford Rough 300g

If you live in Stockholm maybe my second workshop on the 25th of May will interest you. I will be showing how I paint urban streets and giving hands on tuition to my students. Visit here for more information. https://www.meldrum.se/meldrum-art-akvarell-kurser/mala-stockholm-2019-05-25/

The Crossing - A watercolour by David Meldrum
The Crossing
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Life drawing with fever


Two negative things that have happened to me this year. I have been ill a lot and I haven’t attended life drawing classes. I have my own life drawing class every week (Meldrum Kroki) but I don’t have time to sketch then, ironic I know. So last Saturday, even though I was running a fever I went to a life drawing class that wasn’t mine. It was great to be drawing again but looking at my sketches, I must have been in a bit of a dark place, must have been the fact I wasn’t well. I was happy I pushed myself to do it though.

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Cold day to be naked watercolour


I stumbled across an image on the internet and it inspired me to do this painting this morning. I would love to give the photographer and the model some credit but there was no information attached to the photo. I made changes to the background but the basic pose is the same.
Please contact me if I have been inspired by your photograph!

Too cold to be standing on a mountain
Too cold to be standing on a mountain
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My second watercolour workshop

Dieselverstaden 2019.05.25

Yes, I am excited about my second watercolour workshop on the 25th. My goal this time is to inspire and teach others how to enjoy painting the streets of Stockholm. More information here:

Painting Stockholm
Painting Stockholm