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Train Journey 

Paris – Rennes

Last week, my wife and two artist friends Lars and Inger travelled to Paimpol in Brittany. It was a long trip, 11 hours in total. To pass the time I painted a watercolour looking out of the train window between Paris and Rennes. The wheat fields outside Paris remind me of the Stockholm archipelago – there are islands of trees as far as the eye can see, there is no water but a sea of wheat.
Saunders Waterford fine grain sketchbook 300g 19 x 28 cm.

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Train view between Paris and Rennes
Train view

By meldrum

My name is David Meldrum. I am an Artist who loves watercolour.

5 replies on “Train Journey ”

Very balanced, decent and plastic (pastel)
I also appreciate a simplification of the artistic nerve, by minimizing the “drops” over the final image (compared to the others)
Summarizing by remarking a decent and a very good balance.
More than likely, it is the result of a proper mood, in the sense that if you feel good, paint well!

Thank you Victor. Sorry again for my late reply. I liked this sketch because I just did it, too often we find excuses not to paint but we should, everyday if possible. The painting of the passing fields is no masterpiece but it does leave me with a fantastic memory – more so than any photo ever could.

Saying a lot with a little, good way of using minimalism as a style, the only thing is putting the horizon so centered.

Sometimes you are a though critic but you are always correct. Yes, the composition could have been better but like I said to Victor, I am just so glad I did it in the first place. It is so easy not to paint, too easy to say, ” there is too little time’ or ‘ the light is not quite right’. You are right when you say, impression, it has a wonderful memory in it for me – the beginning of a two week painting holiday with friends.

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